10 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest

Have you ever been dumped by your partner? I have been dumped and that too more than once. Invariably, it is not at all fun. But you know what? You come to respect certain people who actually have the guts to just tell you it is over. Spend enough time in the dating world and… Read More »

24 Movie Mistakes That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Many people seem to have this impression that movies, especially those which have been big hits at the Box Office, don’t have any flaws or mistakes in them. However, they are completely wrong since some movies, even ones produced by popular directors are often riddled with mistakes, and you can easily detect them if you… Read More »

17 Facts About Titanic That Most People Don’t Know.

1 Perfect casting Matthew McConaughey was the first selection of the studio as the lead actor, but finally, Leonardo DiCaprio got the role of Jack upon James Cameron’s referral. 2 Flashed After Kate Winslet came to know that one of the scenes needed her to be naked in front of Leo, she flashed him the… Read More »

10 Facts About Fart You Did Not Know

Farts are a natural by-product of digestion. The outlet of air, which is often smelly, makes people laugh, cover their noses etc. But there are several other facts about farts that most people dont know about. 1 Men fart more than women. Studies have shown that the frequency of farting in men is much more… Read More »

7 Strong Signs Your Boyfriend Is Serious About You

Relationships can be tough, especially if the partners arent unable to convey each other their thoughts. Sometimes, the male partner might be shy and hence he might not be able to show his feelings to his girlfriend properly. However, that doesntmean he doesnt love her.He will surely show several signs to indicate if he is… Read More »