9 People Who Could Be Characters in Fiction Books — but They Existed in Real Life

By | August 15, 2019
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A person who learned to play football despite the fact that he had a third leg, twins who lived and never talked to anyone except each other, a man who had 24 separate personalities — the names of these people should be synonyms for “incredible.” But still, their stories are real and continue to amaze people.

Bright Side is convinced that this world is full of incredible people but today we would like to tell you about the lives of the most unusual ones.

“The Man of the Woods” Petrus Gonsalvus

Everyone knows the tale about the Beauty and the Beast who fell in love with each other. But few people have heard that this story actually had real prototypes. It all began in 1537 in Tenerife when an unusual baby was born: his entire body was covered with hair.

The parents thought that their child had a demonic disease (nobody knew about hypertrichosis back then) and when small Petrus turned 10, they sold him to French pirates. They called him “The Man of the Woods” and presented him to Henri II, the King of France.

Henri II noticed that the unusual boy was quite smart and that he was learning the French language pretty quickly. The king made sure that Petrus received a good education. After Henri II died, his wife Catherine de Médici took care of Petrus. According to some sources, she even initiated the wedding of Petrus. His wife was a beautiful Queen’s Lady named Catherine.

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