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How Marketers Force Absurd Beauty Trends on Women

Commercials show us the image of a perfect woman that most of the time has nothing to do with reality. The point of marketing is making a potential customer think, “If I have this thing, I will look like the girl from the cover.” And because that magazine perfection is impossible to achieve, it makes people want to spend more and more money to be able to at least come close to it. According to different studies, 80 %… Read More »

20 Heartbreaking Photos That Make Us Realize How Fragile Life Is

Life is unpredictable and you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. For example, a little boy always assumes his dad will be taking him to soccer practice every Saturday. Or a man never thinks that a regular message from his mom is going to be her last one. We just want to remind our readers that we all should treasure what we have right now and live every day… Read More »

Jackie Kennedy Hated Her Wedding Dress, and 12 Facts About the Side of Her Life Hidden From the Public Eye

Indisputable icon, Jacqueline Kennedy, was and still is one of the USA’s most beloved first ladies. She’s been through hell, but walked through it with such grace and beauty that she left a mark both on history and on everyone’s hearts. Here at Bright Side we are totally fascinated with Jackie Kennedy’s dramatic life path and want to share with you several interesting facts that… Read More »

9 Hollywood Celebrities That Have Gone Through Many Tragedies

Some people envy celebrities, their fame, money, and beauty. But if these people found out what they had to go through before they became famous, they wouldn’t envy them anymore. We’re sure that nobody would like to be in Charlize Theron’s shoes, whose mother shot her tyrant husband in front of her. And nobody would like to be Oprah Winfrey, who was molested by her own… Read More »

16 Celebrity Couples That We Totally Forgot Ever Existed

For Hollywood and music stars, there are few things that can be kept secret since paparazzi are everywhere spotting famous people’s private moments, especially when it comes to their love lives. However, some couples managed to stay slightly out of the limelight and we can hardly even remember they were ever together. At Bright Side, we want to refresh your memory by looking back at some couples… Read More »

9 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid to Wear the Same Clothes in Public and We Admire Them

There is an opinion that showing up to official events wearing the same clothes twice is bad manners. If we followed this “rule,” either our wardrobes would be completely full of useless clothes or we would stop going to events. Celebrity stylists know how to look perfect, even wearing the same clothes several times. So, by studying the appearance of celebrities, we can learn some tips from them. We at Bright Side support the… Read More »

21 Popular Stars Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

It’s really something when you have the chance to discover another side of your favorite Hollywood stars. We get to know most of our beloved actors and singers as adults and it’s surprising to see rare photos of them as children or teenagers. Whether they share their precious moments on their personal social media pages or a family member leaks their photo-treasure, the feeling of nostalgia can occur with… Read More »